Toyota Dad Commercial

A Fight for Dads – 2015 Super Bowl Commercials

It’s interesting to me how many 2015 Super Bowl ads were carbon copies of one another when it came to their main message. One of the main themes that was prevalent was the “Dad” theme. Since a large demographic watching the Super Bowl were fathers, it apparently became clear that advertisers needed to pull the heart-strings of those fathers to sell their products.

Let’s take a look at two rival car commercials and third commercial that are suspiciously very similar.

Toyota’s new advertisement for the Camry depicts a father who is driving his late teen / early twenty-something daughter somewhere. As they are driving he is reminiscing about her childhood and all the choices he made while being her father. It ends with him dropping her off at the airport as she is leaving to join the military. She is now making her own choices, helped by the choices he made as her father.

A race car driver and father, in a commercial for Nissan, is shown going through his driving career. This is juxtaposed with shots of his son being born and growing up. It gives the feeling that the father is not with his son as often as he wants to be, but still loves him very much. It ends with the son being picked up by his dad in his Nissan. They are happy to see each other. The cheesier part of this commercial is the choice of music, I thought. “Cat’s in the Cradle” seems to be overdone for these types of ads.

The third commercial is for an entirely different product. Dove Men + Care had an ad showing lots of different children and how they call their “Dad” by name. It speaks of real men showing they care.

I don’t know if I remember so many Super Bowl commercials in the past targeting dads in this way, but perhaps I’m just now noticing? What are your thought on the similarities, or lack of, in these commercials?

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