Rob Stainback of BytePlate Brand with Quantum Leap Farm's Edie Dopking and Sarah Page.

BytePlate Proud Guest at “Stirrup Hope 2015”

Rob Stainback, Owner and Executive Creative Director of BytePlate Brand, was proud to be able to attend Quantum Leap Farm’s “Stirrup Hope 2015” event on Saturday, March 21st. The event was a great hit with a very large turnout. Rob attended with his wife, Renee, and had a great time.

Stirrup Hope is a fundraising event benefiting Quantum Leap Farm participants: wounded warriors, kids with cancer, and special needs kids and adults through equine-assisted therapies. Guests of the event enjoyed a complimentary dinner, drinks and live country music.

Before leaving the event, Rob was graciously asked to dance by Cappy, a Quantum Leap Farm participant highlighted during the event. Rob was also able to take a quick photo with the Founder and Executive Director of Quantum Leap Farm, Edie Dopking, as well as friend and Program Communications coordinator, Sarah Page.

BytePlate Brand is currently developing the new Quantum Leap Farm website and looks forward to helping them create more widespread awareness and funding for this great organization.

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